Conversational AI agents for the advancement of new eroticisms

Queer AI chatbots are trained on erotic literature, feminist and queer theory, and an ethics of embodiment.


Queer AI advocates for:
The queering of communication technologies.
The queering of machine learning algorithms.
The careful and collaborative curation of training material by and for a diversity of sensibilities and actors.
The cumming undone of logics and sense making.
The slipperiness of language.
The accidental poetry of nonsensical miscommunication er(r)o(r)s.
Fluid autonomous playful uncompromising disobedient bots.
Messy fleshy curious humans.
User intent mismatches as erotic deviations.
Existential pause.
Deep learning for deep orgasms.


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We want you

Queer AI imagines a future of queer bots designed for a variety of needs and desires. If you would like to collaborate, contribute or curate training materials for one of our bots, we would love to hear from you!



Queer AI is not interested in adding to the mega corpus of straight white dudes training neural nets with boring fembot fantasy tropes for the lonely machine love future full of rapey robot sex.


Introducing Unsupervised Pleasures

A DIY community library and practice space using queer methodologies, glitch feminism, decolonial and other non-normative frameworks to create datasets, machine learning models, bots, zines, publications, texts and art with AI.